IHA SHOW--Geek Chef

Geek Chef presented its top of the line small kitchen appliances at the IHA Trade Show in Chicago, bring to the market not just a one of kind product but a full line of innovation and comfort. Geek’s new line was designed with users in mind, everything was considered from size to cutting cooking time down.

Geek Chef is a brand you need to get to know, this year we caught many eyes solely based on our product. First launching its original 6.5 Qt. pressure cooker offering consumers a way to cut down on time spent in the kitchen and giving you the much-needed time to focus on what really matters. With that being such a hit with our consumers we proceeded to launch the first of its kind the Oval Pressure Cooker that offers originality and a larger capacity because the bigger the family the less time you have to spend making gourmet meals. The Oval Pressure Cooker offers a crock pot shape and an 8 Qt. pot that you have 12 awesome preset functions varying from poultry, yogurt and even sous vide.

Geek Chefs line offers a quality product with a budget friendly price, for the college student that doesn’t have much space but wants to be a creative baker or chef we offer a compact 3-1 stand mixer that will help nail any experiment. The 3-1 stand mixer offers a smaller size with a Kitchen Aide performance, with awesome attachments that saves you storage and money.

Friday nights in, well that calls for deep fried night with the family. Geek Chef is a family-oriented company that wanted to make nights in fun and easy but always holding true to its healthier way of living. Hitting the market for it’s first year is the Air Fryer which offers you those fun and crispy foods but not with all the grease a traditional fryer offers. Our Air Fryer offers 16 presents functions varying from popcorn, French fries and even pizza, and of course there’s more we include any accessories you will ever need for this product.

Geek has it all, from food prep to gourmet meals. Help us help you, Get your Geek on with Geek Appliances.

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