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Geek Aire blew into the windy city for the IHA trade show this past week and just weeks before making a grand debut at the IHA Design Awards showing everyone it’s true innovation. The new line that’s being launched offers a wide variety of cooling products, meeting the needs of every American out there. With the sleek design to its power capabilities prepare to have your socks blown off.

Geek Aire launched its new line this year making it better then ever, with our state-of-the-art portable rechargeable fan that took us to Las Vegas for the IHA Design Award and making us a finalist, to our newest product the bladeless air tube offering a sleek and modern design. Each of our products were designed to meet the needs of all consumers; starting with our rechargeable outdoor fan offered now in 3 functionable sizes, a power bank to keep any of your devices charged up, water resistant so inclement weather won’t slow it down to its 4-24 hour run time keeping you cool and refreshed all day. Keeping with the style and power of our portable rechargeable fan came the mini fan best for on the move people that’s temperature likes to spike or just for someone who likes to have access to a nice breeze on their face. This mini fan comes in 3 different styles; 4” which will fit anywhere, power bank making charging your device a breeze and runtime of 5-6 hours, 5” Mini fan is similar to our 4” but offers a little bit more airflow and a larger time running and last but not least came our 5” Mini Turbo Misting Fan featuring 3 speed settings, humidity functions and a nice cool mist for a refreshing breath of air. New and improved for this year is a whole new line geared towards style and comfort at home with our Bladeless Air Tube offering a slim look and a powerful functionality with Bluetooth capabilities, making this a one of kind product. The design features with our Bladeless Air Tube was sleek, modern and most importantly safe

Presented to you is a cool and fresh way of living, no more dreading leaving the house because it unbearably hot or missing out on events due to heat issues grab ahold of one of our cool products and start enjoying life with your Geek products. 

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