Geek Nyorova H2O, Wireless Multi-Port Humidifier with Rechargeable
*WIRELESS/RECHARGEABLE: No Need to Plug-In direct power. USB Rechargeable with 3600 mAh in-built battery port allows to charge it and renders it portable in the Home/Office/Car. *TOP FILLING: No Messy filing up of water in bottom. Easy top lid opening makes refilling of water with super ease with tank capacity of 1000 ml. *SOFTWICK TECHNOLOGY: Ultrasonic humidification of water happens through advanced SOFTWICK Technology at quieter operation noise. *BETTER AIR THROW: Multi - Port Output lets user enjoy Optimum Air throw which is comfortable for relaxed human body. *DRY SKIN FRIENDLY: Nano water particles from Geek Nyorova H20 makes dry skin go moist and feel freshness through the day/night. Ideal to use in AC Rooms/Cold weather.

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