Brand introduction

Geek was born in New York of the United States and registered in China in 2017. It is a household appliance brand that rich in American culture including exploration and liberalism. It absorbs and enriches the Oriental aesthetics, integrates the western life philosophy to go to the world arena. It has become one of the young brands favored by consumers.

In the past few years, Geek reject blind follow, pay attention to products’ personalization, technical innovation, details, scene analysis and experience improvement . Geek has a passion for making every product extreme. Providing an excellent solution for the people with style.

Geek keep on upgrading products to win customers' favor. So the sales volume has maintained a good growth trend. In 2019, the sales volume of fan products is exceed $8 million, increase 60% than 2018, while the sales volume of kitchen products reaches $1.5 million, increase 50% than 2018.

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